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  • You're convinced there's a better idea out there somewhere but you can't find it.

  • You need the bigger picture.

  • You're tired of asking the same questions and getting the same answers.

  • You're excited about a new opportunity and want to get it right the first time.

  • You've got an old, tired brand that people are giving up on

  • You need a second opinion.

  • You've been looking for an alternative to traditional market research.

  • You need some help thinking through a problem.

  • You're struggling with a strategy and need a new angle.

  • You want to completely reinvent or reassert your brand - or your whole organization.

  • You're facing a merger and have two cultures to worry about.

  • You can't take one more Focus Group or one more one-on-one interview.

  • You're tired of research that sits in a 3-ring binder and yawns.


We would be delighted to provide more information or a customized research proposal. Client references are available on request.

Louise Doucet     416-697-6052    ldoucet@terranova-msi.com

Liz Torlée     416-949-1020      ltorlee@terranova-msi.com