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Custom Research

The real-life approaches we use have roots in cultural anthropology and are designed to facilitate collaboration and take advantage of the collective wisdom of those we involve. They are customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each organization we work with, whether large or small, private or public sector, business-to-business or consumer-focused.

All of these different approaches have been developed by TerraNova and are available exclusively to TerraNova clients. They provide the best possible opportunity to discover new paths and possibilities - to break new ground.

Discovery Workshop - a dynamic, participative session with 18-30 participants - everyone working side-by-side - clients embedded in process as observers - the common sense and innovative alternative to traditional focus groups

  • inside organizations - with management, employees, franchisees, sales forces
  • outside organizations - with customers, potential customers and partners
  • within communities - with those who live or work there

Positioning/Concept Forum - a variation on Discovery Workshops, to explore and refine communications ideas

In-field ethnography - observing and spending time with the people who matter most, in their homes, in their cars, in the community, in the stores they shop, with the friends they keep, where they work

Branding from the Inside Out - an on-site exploration of the culture of a company, its stakeholders and customers

BDA Brand Loyalty exploration - identifying the Before/During/After situations that define and reinforce brand/customer loyalty

EthnoVision - research within different ethnic populations in collaboration with people from the community

The TerraNova Grapevine - our cross-Canada panel of Friendly Informants who are our ears and eyes in markets we can't always get to always ready for a new challenge.

'Day-in-the-Life' studies - exploring the dynamics of a brand-customer relationship and the role of the brand in daily life.

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