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Looking through multiple lenses
to find truth and inspiration

Every business, every organization, every endeavour is part of a much wider universe. Real insight is almost always buried in unexpected places. That's why we look through 3 different lenses:

The World
You can't get away from the world! The fragmentation of lives, the impact of technology, the aging population, the new roles of food, money, leisure, the changing national identity… these things and many more help to shape opinion, behavior, hopes, dreams and the way we all live our lives.

The Consumer
We don't just look at the obvious targets but all those who influence decisions: the doubters, complainers, rebels, rejecters, fringe players, customers' customers, outside influencers, key informants, early adopters, opinion leaders, cheque-signers and next door neighbors.

The Organization or Brand
Inside every organization, every brand, there's a more successful one trying to get out. Most organizations underestimate the power inside and the deep-rooted equity in existing brands. We always start by asking 'What are you doing right?' and like to spend time exploring the dynamics of previous and current success.

We like to look at every challenge, big or small, through all three lenses. It gives us the bigger, richer picture, with detail, texture - and unexpected insight.

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