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Anchoring our work in real life
to find opportunity in unexpected places

We like to get right out there, into the field, into real life - the homes, the backyards, the shopping malls, airports, banks and bars, the offices and factories, the restaurants, the street corners - wherever people go. We watch and listen, looking for habits, symbols and rituals. We see how lives work and watch relationships with products, services, and other people unfold.

This approach has its roots in cultural anthropology and the belief that there are three equally important sources of insight into a character, culture, behavior and attitude:

1. Material
where people live and work, the things they use, the clothes they wear, the physical, functional and symbolic accessories of their lives

2. Behavioral
how they act, interact and get along together, their habits, rituals who influences whom, how the social hierarchy works

3. Cognitive
how they think, their reasoning, beliefs and opinions

Too often, traditional market research skips straight to the cognitive and only asks people what they think. It misses so many material and behavioral clues, such rich veins of learning and insight. We make sure we mine all three sources in all our work.

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