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The bigger picture sparks fresh insight, provides new perspectives and inspires and sets the stage for more focused and ground-breaking action. There are many trend reporting services, articles and books available - they are all attempts to enlighten organizations with facts and examples of what's changing. Trendwatching.com - based in Amsterdam - is one of our favourites and worth checking out.

What makes TerraNova's trendwatching different is our 'so what?' focus - helping clients understand how the trends affect their business and how to react to and capitalize on them.

At the heart of this work is the TerraNova Social Dynamics Journal, an on-going review of what's happening out there, why it's important and what to do about it. The insights and implications highlighted in the Journal are continuously updated, fuelled by our on-going experiences in the field, by the work of our TerraNova Associates in their own fields of expertise, and by newly published, publicly available information. The Journal can be customized for individual organizations, and can also be turned into a half-day Workshop where specific opportunities to act on the trends are identified and debated with an internal client team.

Many of the themes found in The TerraNova Social Dynamics Journal are reviewed and expanded in Liz Torlée's Consumer Insight articles in Marketing Magazine.

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